Explore Pasir Ris – East of Singapore

To a lot of people, the eastern part of Singapore is usually related to activities on the beach, resorts or even shopping and dining at Changi Airport – Visit website here. I’ve recently been to Pasir Ris and was amazed by how it can actually be a good choice for home.

To start off, the Eastern part of Singapore is also where the world famous Changi Airport is – people staying in Pasir Ris have the airport at their doorstep. Residents in Pasir Ris also often flaunt about they can are able to board an empty the MRT Train to anywhere. I’ve also heard that Pasir Ris is also very popular with the expatriates because of its proximity to Changi Airport. It also has a direct train that goes to the City.

Certainly to a location to consider when you guys are hunting for condos to buy in Singapore. New condos such as Coco Palms at Pasir Ris MRT have been selling quite well. I think its probably a good place to consider.

Pasir Ris in recent years has also become a choice for good food and interesting activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Trip to the fish farm
  • Experience Thailand in Pasir Ris
  • Chill out at Pasir Ris Park
  • Award winning chinese wok style restaurant

Trip to Fish Farm

In urban Singapore, its almost unheard of when you ask people if there is such thing as a fish farm. I heard from the locals that grew up in the 1960s and 1970s that they used to fish in the drains (they call it – longkang) as past time. Today, fishing is an activity that not many would want to even do. Its hard to go fishing when you’re anticipating hours and hours of waiting beside your rod and the locals come here to do some longkang fishing instead. Certainly a good practice of your wrist and they also offer prawning activities and fish spa too! Check out Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

Experience Thailand in Pasir Ris

According to many, The Basil Inn restaurant offers the best taste of Thailand in a small neighbourhood of Pasir Ris. Some even say that for what it costs for a single Eggs Benedict dish at a cafe, you can enjoy a sumptuous Thai meal at The Basil Inn. It is located at 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-335 Downtown East E-avenue.

Chill out at Pasir Ris Park

Want to go somewhere quiet? Yearn for a good session with your friends at the bar? Now you can have both! This amazing combination doesn’t break the bank or eat up your busy work days. Located at Pasir Ris Park is this place called the 5 Drunken Rabbits. This amazing little bistro offers an amazing range of alcoholic drinks and is often touted as the best place to hang out on Fridays! Their house specialties include the Oven Roasted Jumbo King Prawns and the Baby Back Ribs. Worth a shot!

Award-winning Chinese wok-style restaurant

Fancy some local Singaporean dish? This should be what you need to try. Locals visit this place – Yam’s Kitchen. It is located at Downtown East and this restaurant offers some really special chinese wok style cooking – owned by famous Chef Kelvin Yam with more than 30 years experience and competition awards. The week-day set meals are available from a mere Singapore Dollars of $7, which is really affordable!


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